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3 Reasons to film with us

1. We have a plan

Certainty by use of a script and filmdirector!

We think it is important to offer animals and humans a good filming experience. The attention span of both are limited. A well thought through script and the use of a director make sure that all involved can keep their attention on their performances.

We maken de scripts voor aanvang van de filmdagen in overleg met de opdrachtgever. Zo is iedereen maximaal voorbereid!

2. Multicamera recordings

The two big advantages.

If it's dressage, jumping, liberty work or another specialty, working with horses is all about details. We capture every moment in totality and close-up by using mutliple cameras.

Saving time is the second advantage. With two camera's you need less redo's for close-ups. This way the shoot is as short as possible. This saves you money, but it also makes the shooting more relaxed. Giving you space for maximum focus on the job at hand.

3. Knowledgable about horses

We know horses!

We think animal welfare is important. Ofcourse we will watch for the best angles to make the horses look as good as possible but also take the time to let the horses feel comfortable. We create a comfortable filming environment for animals and humans.

Our knowledge of biomechanics and bodily expressions of the horse makes us choose the right takes during the editing. Making this a quicker proces where the client only needs to do the final check.

Thank you for your interest in recording videos for your online videoprogram, e-learning or online academy. In the videos on this page you see pieces of the online support program made by Classical Horse Training by Thirza Hendriks.

Making your own online academy.. it's a big adventure! We know! Maybe we conviced you that it is worth it to outsource a piece of the puzzle to us for professional image quality and sound.

We wish you good luck and succes with your thoughts and endevours!

Leonie and Ralph a.k.a. The Videohippisch

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3 Go to's for perfect videolessons

The right angle

A lot of videolessons we have seen are completely filmed with one camera, from one height. The horse or rider sometimes dissapear from the image on crucial moments. To prevent this we use multiple cameras and discuss all the exercises in advance. This way we find the fitting angles for precise movements.

Miss nothing!

Get closer

As you can see in the videos on this page, we love details! Muscletension and relaxation, the pressure of the leg on the horse or the shifting of weight on diffferent legs. Even regular or irregular breathing! The closer you get, the more your students will see!

All the details!

Go slow

What's better than horses in slowmotion? Horses in super slowmotion ofcourse!
The movement of the legs in different gaits and exercises, changes in facial expression, cadence or the minimal aids of the trainer. All examples where slowmotion will give your students a huge advantage and a good learning experience.

See more, learn more!

Ralph en Leonie zijn de Videohippisch