In short;

  • Studioquality recordings on your own location
  • Assistence in the filming process
  • Quick delivery
  • Use of an autocue
  • Multicamera recordings
  • Professional titles and inserts
  • A marketing brainstorm and report before we start filming

Can't I do it myself?

Ofcourse you can buy your own camera and start recording. We we applaud that! Filming is fun and you really stand out from your competitors when you start filming.

But filming, and especially editing, take a lot of time. Investing the time to learn how to film and edit, doing a video- or editingcourse is tough and the result might be mediocre. Hiring us, the Videohippisch, wil make sure you don't waste time, develop headaches or take to much time in preparations.

We assist you throughout the filming process and deliver high quality productions for your online acadamy, online videocourse or e-learning.

Being in front of the camera for the first time can be a bit scary! We help you to feel comfortable. And if you don't get it right the first take? We will do another, and another, and another, untill you feel better and all goes well. From our experience we know that a few rehearseltakes take care of the worst nerves and make you roll through the rest of the recordings. Especially when you have written your own lines and practised them beforehand. You will see al your lines in front of the lens on the autocue so you don't have te learn them from the heart, just to be familiar with them.

Filmmaking takes a lot of focus and at the end of the day you will be tired! But satisfied, with a series of videolessons that take your company another step forward. En the best thing? We will edit the videos. So you can immediately direct your focus towards sales!

The quality you will offer your costumers will not only improve your image, but also increase the salesprice of your educational series.

And now the extensive description. This is what you can expect:

Studioquality recordings on your own location

  • We are a professional videoteam. We will transform every location into a nice recording studio. At your kitchentable, or in your normal working environment. 
  • Crystal clear audio is important for the focus of your students. A camera with inbuilt microphone that cracks, picks up ambient noise or sounds like your in a tin can. It's all distraction from your theory. We will record your voice from close up and hide the microphone where possible for a nice clean image and great sound!
  • The location you pick is important to portray the right image. Do you want a fancy office environment or a homely feel to get your audience comfortable? Think on this before choosing your location. Know your audience. What appeals to them? And what gets them in a positive study flow? The only condition is that there is as little ambient noise as possible.
Here you can see how the attention stays on Thirza Hendriks from Classical Horse Training eventhough there are moving horses in the background. We use studiolights to highlight the speaker and keep the audience focused.

Assistence in the filming process

  • Before filmingday, we will look at your texts with you. That way we can see if there is anything that should be changed from reading to speaking language, if the lessons are in balance with eachother and if there are extra inserts needed.
  • We will give you time for multiple takes. Nerves are normal. The first take is rarely the best and that is why more will follow. It might take you a couple of takes to get more comfortable and get rid of your nerves. That is totally fine. You will gain experience and skills in just one day.
  • During the filming we will take notice of your pronounciation, intonations, speed of speaking and slips of the tongue. This will give you more space to focus on your theory and body language. Filmmaking is teamwork! Everyone plays their part.
Ready, set, go! We wil adjust the autocue to match your presentation speed.

Quick delivery

  • We will start to edit shortly after recording your videos. With theorylessons we always try to deliver withing 7 days after recording.

Use of an autocue

  • Learning your texts from the heart is not neccesary. All your text will pass by in fron of the lens for you to read. 
  • Your preparations will only involve the development of the theory you are teaching, delivering us your title and text and getting your salesplatform ready. The rest is up to us!
  • Presenting in another language will be much easier beceause you can read your texts.
The autocue is positioned in front of the lens. That way, you always look at your audience.

Multicamera recordings

  • We film with 2 camera's. This way it is easy to cut out any 'uhm's', long pauses or other speaking errors. This way your endproduct will always look professional even when you are not an experienced speaker. 
  • Ofcourse we still advise you to practise your teksts in advance. Read them aloud and time your video's. This wil always improve the quality.

Professional titles and inserts

  • It might be a good idea to present a new chapter with a titlescreen, summarize by using bulletpoints or show pictures or video's that make your message even stronger. We edit them in for you so you don't have to spend any time learning how to edit.
  • This is the place to show your personal style or idenity. By using titlescreens you create the place to show your own logocolours and fonts. Making your video's an integrated part of your website or sales platform.
Susanne choose to use her own corporate identity in her titlescreens. Her colours; skyblue, green and yellow. The series fits in seamlessly in her website.

A marketing brainstorm and report before we start filming

  • It is a great idea to look closely at your marketing and marketing funnels and improve them before starting to sell your program.
  • Officejunkie helps you to look at your marketing channels. In an advanced brainstorm she helps you prepare for the sales of your program. This assistence is always included in the price.

We hope we have conviced you to choose a better quality and the convenience of a videoteam. Get in touch if you want to talk about your program.

Here you can read the steps neccesary to make your own studyprogramor click here for the costs of hiring us to film your videolessens..

Good luck and we hope to talk to you soon! Leonie and Ralph

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